Our Core Values


We strive to create a fair, safe and positive work environment at Purple Orange, to encourage engagement, innovation and collaboration. Through our company vision, we aim to work towards reaching both personal and common goals.  

We believe that our core values help us understand more about ourselves and others, encouraging us to embrace change and challenges. It enables us to find ways through which we can improve on our strengths and weaknesses. Forming the basis for the decisions and actions we take, our values create a more unified approach to our way of working to ensure that the services we deliver to our customers are at the highest quality.  



Respect means giving importance to each one of us, making us feel valued and listened to. It means being open to different points of views, encouraging independent thinking and our willingness to contribute our own ideas – to feel comfortable in thinking outside the box. Being valued for our qualities and abilities, we are motivated to do better, both personally and for our community. By showing respect, we can create a supportive environment where trust can develop.  



Through trust, we build our relationships – this means dependability and having faith in one’s competence. We understand that to build long-term relationships, trust requires effective communication, to be transparent and authentic while also being consistent with our words and actions. We give space for trust to grow by being honest and genuinely caring for others – to be humble, understanding and accepting.  



By having our values aligned and consistent with our actions, we are being integral to who we are. Taking personal responsibility and accountability even in times of difficulty helps us nurture a healthy community – the wellbeing of our team as well as a cooperative and genuine relationship with our customers. When our behaviors are guided by our principles and values, we start to understand the importance of equity.  


Equal Opportunity 

We ensure that our employees receive the same opportunities to succeed and grow by having access to different resources depending on our individual career goals. We give each of our employees the chance to try new things, to develop new and existing skills. It’s important for us to challenge our own limits – to establish positive habits and to keep growing. By listening to and interacting frequently with our employees, we try to reach this goal.  



To grow, we must learn, and this means to continuously seek ways through which we can improve our skills and work towards creating our best selves. By allowing room for us to realize what we are capable of, we can grow towards our fullest potential. As such, we support each one of us in setting and achieving personal goals, so that we can become the person we want to be. Growing individually also results in growing as a team, which we encourage as much as possible.  


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